Woodrow Business Centre


There is currently a hybrid unit available which is 2,758 sq ft, with 50% ground floor warehouse space and 50% first floor office content, together with a single storey warehouse unit of 1,374 sq ft.

Woodrow Business Centre provides something a little different for business occupiers.
Eleven industrial/storage units have been constructed. Seven of the buildings are called hybrid 50/50 units and are two-storey having floor areas ranging from 2,742 sq ft to 5,215 sq ft. Their accommodation is divided equally between ground floor industrial/storage space (3.5 meters clear height) and first floor offices complete with carpeting, suspended ceiling, lighting and central heating.

The remaining four units are single-storey having floor areas between 1,370 and 1,377 sq ft (3.8 meters clear height) which can be used as a workshop or for storage.



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